American Association of Spanish Timbrado Breeders A.A.S.T.B
This Spanish Timbrado Association is a non-profit organization for the purpose of providing a method of integration to all individuals interested in the Spanish Timbrado Song Canary and promote the breeding, selection and exhibition of Spanish Timbrado under the highest standards, including professional breeders with ethic code to get an absolute integrity, thinking like a Breeder first.

Also it can be a source of information and learning to help you in your quest to further champion this beautiful song canary by housing, breeding, training and contesting the Spanish Timbrado Song Canary.We can help you find national and international sources of breeders and know the enjoyment that this Spanish Timbrado can bring about, friendlyPlease join this association and let us know how you are involved with the Spanish Timbrado. Do you now have or do you plan to have this Canary sometime in the future? We would be glad to communicate with you so you can also experience the wholesome pleasures of owning and breeding and showing Spanish Timbrado Canaries in family.More information on the Spanish Timbrados may be found on the web site of the American Association of Spanish Timbrado Breeders. Point your browser to their site at: www.americanspanishtimbrado.com.

This Association sponsored the song contest for the Spanish Timbrado sanctioned and made official by F.O.C.D.E. under confederation ornithology world (C.O.M). Standards to this song race.

AASTB President
Luis A. Olivera

Club Regulations


  • Article 1: Logo,Name & Purpose of the Association

    Section 1A – Logo is a circle green with United Estate Flag behind represent United and our National definition, with one bird in the middle and two Lauren leafs, the bird is not clear because represent the different visions that have all breeders on same the bird.
    Section 1B– The name of the association shall be the American Association of Spanish Timbrado Breeders with word A.A.S.T.B.
    Section 1C – Type of Association, it’s a non-profit Organization registered in the Florida in accordance with IRS laws in the United State of America. Section 1D – The purpose of the Association is to create, promote and expand the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating and exhibiting the song canary known as the Spanish Timbrado; to advance, protect and exhibit Spanish Timbrado Canaries throughout the United Estate of America, and to encourage the preservation of the quality of their song; disseminate information about the hobby to the membership of this Association and to the public and to provide a center of information and advice on all matters pertaining to the Spanish Timbrado Canaries; to engage in Educational Social Activities related to the hobby and to acquire and own such property as may be necessary for any or all of the foregoing purposes; to promote good fellowship and cooperative feelings among its members; to group together clubs having the above and similar objectivities and to provide an organization to enable such clubs to coordinate their activities ; to publish pamphlets, books and others material to disseminate the truth regarding the objectives of the AASTB and generally do what may be calculated to promoted the BEST of its members pursuit of excellence; and to pursue any other purposes which are not in violation of USA Constitution or State law that, from time to time, shall be agreed to the membership.

  • Article 2: Membership

    Section 2A – Any person who has an interest in Spanish Timbrado Canaries shall be eligible for membership Download an application or on the webpage and payment of dues as outlined in section 2b and Section 2c
    Section2B – Professional Breeders PB Membership the annual dues for members shall be US $50 per person (or family) and shall be payable in advance with application for membership a minimum of 25 leg Band. Benefits offers ID card with Picture valid per a one year to discounts with sponsor, assigned a breeder national code number; an initial packet with ethic code, breeder commitments and letter book to novices, could be part of a selective breeding program, full service of our Association
    Section 2C - Amateur Breeders AB Memberships the annual dues for members shall be US $ 30 per person (only) and shall be payable in advance with application for membership a minimum of 75 Leg Band (just serial or USA Band), can’t not participate in our contest, members voice but not vote just if pay the different of money to section IIB said and Association Board approve this change.
    Section 2D – Membership shall not be transferable and both membership and rights in property of the association shall cease each year after 1st of September or terminate upon death, withdrawal, expulsion by violation of code ethic.
    Section 2E – The Fiscal Year and the year for payment and collection of annual dues shall be from August each year.

  • Article 3: Meetings

    Section 3A - The regular meeting of the membership shall be held on a frequency, at a time, and place to be determined by a majority vote of all those members present at any regular meeting of the association.
    Section3B – The annual meeting for the membership for the installation of officers and for receiving annual report from the President in each December (national Contest event) The Association website shall be show up the results of this meeting.
    Section 3C- The special meeting may be called by the president of the Association or by special request to the president of at least 5 duly qualified members at least 7 days in advance of such meeting
    Section3D – Any meeting annunciated by our website and email count as valid to vote, all PB members have 4 days after the meeting information has been posted to send us one vote about each point if nothing is sent, then your vote will be taken as approved.

  • Article 4: Officers of The Association

    Section 4A – The officers of the Association shall be President Vice-Presidents Secretary Treasurer These officers are elected by the membership for a 2 year term
    Section 4B – A vacancy in any officer shall be filled by appointment of the remaining officers of the Association.
    Section 4C – Section 4D – The president shall appoint a nominating committee composed of not less than two people, and each member vote by email to this committee email.
    Section 4E - Prior to December (Annual Meeting) section 3b, the newly elected president shall be elect and announced during Annual meeting Song Contest Event with your new officers.

  • Article 5: Duties of Officers

    Section 5A – The duties of the President shall be: 1. To preside at all meetings at which he or she is present. 2. To appoint all committees, with or without the assistance of the other officers. 3. To install the newly elected officers at the end of his or her term (or appoint someone to do so). 4. To call special meetings of the Association, the committees, or any other meeting, which may be requested, as outlined in the bylaws. 5. In case of any questions or demeanor, while in office, the President is further governed by Roberts Rules of Order.
    Section 5B – The duties of the Vice-President shall be 1. To assume all duties of the President during his or her absence or upon request by the President, plus other duties that may be assigned.
    Section 5C – The duties of the Secretary shall be 1. To keep all records of the meetings. 2. To send out all notices of regular or special meetings as deemed necessary by the President. Meeting notices in the Association bulletin are deemed to comply with the bylaws.
    Section 5D – The duties of the Treasurer shall be 1. To collect and record all dues, initiation fees, special fees, etc. paid to the Association as a result of its activities plus all other moneys due the Association. 2. To send out membership cards at the appropriate times. Note: Such cards are not valid unless signed by the President and/or Secretary. 3. To see that each member, and each prospective member, receives a copy of the bylaws. 4. To prepare and present at each regular meeting a report of the receipts and expenditures during the previous month. 5. To pay pre-determined accounts as may be authorized by the membership of the Association and to pay those bills presented and approved at each regular or annual meeting. 6. To prepare and submit all reports required by any governmental agency.

  • Article 6: Cmmittees

    Section 6A – There shall be standing committees and select committees. All committees other than standing shall be created by the President as the need arises. All committee chairpersons shall keep a record of the proceedings and actions of their respective committees as a history and to assist successive committee persons.

  • Article 7: Banding of Birds

    Section 7A – Members of the Association shall band all of the Spanish Timbrado canaries which they raise each year with a closed leg band which shall be provided by the Association. Such bands shall be engraved with the following (i) the year consisting of two digits, i.e., “16” for the calendar year 2016, (ii) the Association identification, i.e.,U2 associated to AASTB, (iii) the breeder’s assigned code, i.e., “E1, E18 or E22, , etc.” and (iv) a consecutive number, i.e., “1 to 999.” The first digit of the breeder’s assigned codes for members of the association shall each begin with the letter “E” and those of associated clubs shall begin with the letter “B,” “C,” etc. as such clubs are added. Members of the Association and the associated clubs shall advise the Secretary of the Association during the first two weeks of December each year of the number of Bands they will require for the coming calendar year and the Secretary shall obtain such bands and keep appropriate records of what bands are issued to each member. The price charged by the Association for these closed leg bands shall be established each year

  • Article 8: Shows

    Section 8A – All shows of the Association shall be open to all Spanish Timbrado canaries. The President of the Association shall appoint a “Song Contest Rules Committee” chairman at least six months prior to the first show of the Association. This chairman shall select a committee to establish the classes of exhibitor and the rules that shall apply for the first show. Following the first show, changes to such rules shall be considered by the membership and the contest rules changed by a vote of the membership.
    Section 8B - All birds exhibited at open shows of the Association shall wear a closed leg band issued by the Association or by a recognized Spanish Timbrado club, association or society. Birds with any other closed leg band that are unreadable, or that, in the opinion of the show committee have been tampered with, for any reason at all, shall be disqualified. Contestants shall be held responsible for any errors or omissions on their entry forms. This includes full identification of the birds with closed band details including year of the bird’s hatch, breeder club or association identification, breeder’s code number and serial number of the bird. The closed leg bands on the winning birds shall be examined and checked with the entry form.
    Section 8C – The Association shall obtain judges for all shows sponsored by the Association. The Association shall actively participate in the qualification of judges and encourage member breeders to become qualified as judges.
    Section 8D – Exhibitors shall be responsible for shipment of all birds to the shows and for their return to the exhibitor. The Association shall provide for pickup of the birds at the airport in the city where shows are held and shall provide proper care for the birds while at the show.

  • Article 9: Approval & Amendments to the Bylaws

    Section 9A – These bylaws may be approved or amended by a vote of two-thirds (2/3 of the membership present at any meeting of the membership provided proper notice of said meeting is given, in writing, as specified in these bylaws. The full text of the bylaws, or amendments thereto, which are proposed must be served upon each member at least five (5) days prior to the meeting at which such bylaws or amendments are to be voted upon. Proposals for amendments to the bylaws shall be instituted only by at least three (3) or more members.

  • Article 10: Property Rights of Members

    Section 10A – The property of this Association is irrevocable; dedicated to the objectives of the Association as outlined in Article 1, Section B of these bylaws. In the event of the dissolution of the Association, its properties and moneys shall not revert to the possession of the membership but shall be given to another non-profit society or educational organization within Southern California which is to be chosen by the membership of the Association, and whose aims and purposes are similar to those of the Association. No part of any net earnings or assets of the Association shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual.

  • Article 11: Parliamentary Authority

    Section 11A – Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) shall govern all proceedings of this Association providing they are not in conflict with these bylaws.